Underfloor Heating and Stone Floors – A Match Made in Bathroom Heaven?

A bathroom can serve very different purposes depending on who is using it.  Obviously we all use it for one particular purpose, and also washing ourselves, but there are some of us who like to relax in the bath, or children who enjoy playing there.  But one thing most of us will probably agree on, is that a well designed and gorgeous bathroom is definitely something we can all enjoy.


To tile or not to tile

Aside from quality fixtures and fittings, one of the most obvious design traits of a bathroom is going to be the floor and tiling.  This is very important as it provides the waterproofing that a bathroom requires and this can be a clear indication of the quality and care that has gone into a bathrooms design.  For a minimalist approach, tiling purely the areas you intend to get wet will provide the functionality, but there is also a slightly naive idealism to this choice as water does not respect boundaries – just ask rivers.  So for a truly well designed bathroom, it is heavily advised that the entire room be tiled to provide waterproofing from unexpected splashes, condensation and just about anything else.  But why settle simply for tiles, there is a far more stylish solution that you might wish to consider.

bathroom floor stoneThe floor says it all

A solid stone floor, whilst essentially constructed from large tiles, will give your bathroom a very different look and feel.  The stone, when it provided by experts, such as those over at StoneSolutionsSydney.com.au, is cut to near perfection in large pieces to minimise any visible joins and to give a feeling of continual flow across the floor and even onto the walls and ceiling should you desire.  The finish is beautiful and the surface is incredibly hard wearing; most importantly, the water doesn’t have anywhere to go other than where it should be.

Chill out

One of the classic arguments against stone flooring is the temperature.  Especially in winter, when stepping out of the bath or shower, your feet would be greeted with an icy surface, particularly from people that don’t like mats on their bathroom floors.  But these arguments should be firmly relegated to the past as there are modern underfloor heating solutions available for just about any type of flooring imaginable.  Stone flooring might be considered to thick for some systems, but that’s because they were designed for wooden or laminate floors, so don’t let that argument fool you, whatever your floor is made of, there will be a system out there that can heat it.  Of course, it is almost essential that you make these decisions prior to installing your floor as, whilst not completely impossible, it is never a good idea to try and retrofit an underfloor heating system to a floor.  But if you are going to the expense of a luxury stone floor, then why not add the extra comfort of having it heated, you’ll probably never look at an ordinary floor the same way again.