The 5 Main Benefits of Installing 4×4 Drawer Systems  

Having a 4×4 vehicle is an amazing experience! Not only is it purpose built to handle the trickier terrains, but they’re large, comfortable and spacious too. So, if you enjoy camping and being out in the wild with your friends and family, there’s no finer way to experience it than in an awesome 4×4. You can take the road less travelled so to speak, rather than have to find a more appropriate way around, simply drive straight through and let your beast of a 4×4 breeze those muddy slopes and puddles!

Of course, camping requires an awful lot of gear which is generally not a problem with such a large vehicle, but when you’re trying to squeeze you, your family (perhaps the family dog) AND all of your bits and bobs, sometimes it can get a little cramped. Then you might have a kayak or two on the roof bars and your bicycles attached to a frame on the back; do you really want to have to add a trailer on to all of that? It’s not as though you can go off-roading with a trailer on the back, so we propose a better alternative: MSA 4×4 drawer systems.

4x4 car1 – More Efficient Storage

4×4 drawer systems are ideal for creating smart storage solutions in your vehicle. You can tuck all of your essentials away neatly and efficiently, without them being lose and cluttering your car too much. The last thing you want is to have so much junk in your car that you can barely see out the back window, – it’s dangerous and it’s simply not worth the trouble.

2 – Packing Is Easier (and somewhat enjoyable)

I bet you never thought you’d ever enjoy packing for a trip, though with custom, 4×4 drawer systems in place, you just might! It just makes life much easier, and you can pack everything neatly in a systematic order. This makes the whole process far easier to do and when it comes to unpacking, you can do some quickly and efficiently.

3 – More Room!

Yes, a drawer system is going to take up more space in your 4×4, there’s no denying that. However, an effective and well-optimised drawer system will allow efficient packing. This will invariably allow you to store more items in your car (which is essentially, creating more room)

4 – Privacy

4×4 drawer systems are discreet and can allow you to keep your items stored away out of sight. So, if you have expensive equipment such as cameras and stands and other bits that you wouldn’t want to leave on display, an effective drawer system will give you the perfect solution.

shopping5 – Great for Shopping

Don’t you just love it when you go shopping and your groceries and sliding around in the boot of your car with all of the other bits that you store in there? You won’t have to worry about that with the additional storage compartments. You’ll be able to store your groceries conveniently, without having to worry about any breakages or spillages.

Of course, if you are seriously planning to go on a camping trip and take your 4×4 off-road, be certain to plan properly and take everything into account.