Repairs that Really need a Tradesman

A lot of homeowners feel aggrieved at having to pay for a workman to come to their property and fix, what appears like, a reasonably straightforward problem. And many homeowners feel they have the skills, or they could learn the skills needed, to fix a problem by themselves. This is a dangerous attitude to have in some circumstances, and many a DIYer has found themselves out of their depth quite quickly when trying to tackle some of the more challenging tasks which arise around the home. There are some jobs that can be handled by the owner and, if an economic approach is needed, it is usually appropriate to keep a project in-house. Things like painting, gardening, basic plumbing and electrical tasks are often within the realm of the average citizen. However, it is all too easy to believe that because these tasks are easily fixed, it is not too difficult to include slightly more complex jobs. This is where problems develop – when homeowners convince themselves that the skills necessary to complete a DIY project are all within their grasp, and the expense of calling a tradesman can be avoided by simply tutoring themselves on some basic technical principles.

Here are three area of home maintenance that really should be left to the experts:


Gas Boiler RepairGas Boiler Repair – Only highly trained service technicians should handle a home’s gas boiler. Even what might seem like a small repair shouldn’t be tackled by a homeowner. The consequences of getting it wrong could be catastrophic for the inhabitants of the home. Gas is a fantastic resource to use but is is a silent killer which can lead to asphyxia, and a high risk of explosion There are a high number of deaths annually from faulty gas systems, many the result of unqualified people tampering with gas systems.


structural house changeStructural House Changes – Making a structural change to your home might seem reasonably straightforward – maybe two adjoining rooms need to become open-plan, or a sliding door needs to be installed. To save money many a homeowner has attempted to make the changes themselves, or at least save money by carrying out some of the renovation. This can be highly dangerous, and it could possibly result in serious damage being done to the integrity of a home. The load-bearing areas of a property might not always be obvious. Demolishing any part of a home should not be undertaken without specialist supervision and guidance. If mistakes are made most home insurers will refuse to honour any claims if a householder in in error.


Electrical Work – Portable appliances and basic utilities like washing machines and electric ovens are usually handled by most homeowners, but anything more complex should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Death from faulty electrics is the most common fatality in the home and most homeowners have very little knowledge about this power source. If a repair needs attention there are numerous professional companies throughout Australia  like Boss Electrical which can offer expert guidance and assistance.