So you’ve got a long hot weekend to do with as you please. All the chores are done. There’s nowhere you need to be and no one you need to meet.  Maybe it’s time for a pool party.

Those lucky enough to have a pool will know the joy they can bring. Whether you want to chill by yourself or invite the entire street, a pool can be a great place to hang out.

So if you are planning a pool party this summer here are a few tips to make the event that extra bit special. Anyone can throw a pool party but with a little pre-planning you could make it a very memorable occasion:


Inflatables – Absolutely, positively a must at a pool party. Dolphins, orcas, sea monsters, octopus, you get the idea. The dreary lilo just won’t do it anymore. Everybody loves these quirky animal designs, whether it be kids or adults. There is nothing more inviting than a pool with lots of inflatables to chill on.



Suitable Beverages – Beer and soft drinks are always welcome on such occasions but really, is that it? Whether alcoholic or not there are great options for cocktails to suit the event. Why not try your hand at some of the basic ones: Rum Daiquiri, White Russian, Royal Bermuda, Mojito. Or, if you really want to impress, spend a little time creating your very own signature drink. It can be great fun testing the samples and you never know, It might be more successful than you imagined.



Dress to Impress – Let it be known – Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts only. Failure to wear stated gard will have serious consequences for the offender – those consequences are obviously up for discussion. Partygoers should be willing to go with the flow. Nobody wants to see jeans or boots or summer dresses at a pool party, it just doesn’t seem right. It’s an indication that a guest has the right attitude for the event if they show up holding a case of beer, wearing trunks and flip-flops.

dress impress


No Heavy Food – After a few hours of socialising and playing in the pool many guest will surely get a little hungry. But don’t provide anything heavy like pizza or burgers. That’s a not a good combination for a pool party. Keep it light. Guests can pick at food all day but don’t offer anything that will make people feel sluggish. Salads, grilled meats, light desserts are good choices.  Why not theme the food: Thai snacks, or Caribbean jerk chicken, or Spanish tapas. Anything exotic that fits in well with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Somehow cheeseburgers and French fries just don’t seem appropriate.



So, you’re all set to host an epic party. Just remember – keep your pool in good condition. The last thing you want is a guest having a trip or fall. We should regularly maintain our swimming pools and if repairs or renovations are needed there are many companies around like Perth Pool Co who can be called on to fix virtually any problem. So, have fun but stay safe.