Keeping Your Home in Great Condition

Giving your home a makeover may be high on your to-do-list but where do you start? THe garden’s a mess, the wallpaper is peeling, the driveway is sinking, the roof is leaking. It can be a daunting task to face if things have been seriously neglected.  But have no fear, it’s all fixable. The best way to get things rolling is to prioritise the tasks which demand the most attention. Create a list. What is really urgent? What can you live with for a year or two? What really doesn’t bother you at all? First and foremost, anything that could cause a hazard to the home’s inhabitants must be dealt with. Then anything that might, if left unattended, lead to further damage. After that your list should just be your own tastes and preferences – if you love a nice exterior get that fixed first. If you really want a beautifully furnished interior, go for it.

Let’s look at some of the most common home makeover projects , and where they should be on your priority list.


Broken Roof Tiles – Best to get those looked at asap. The strange thing about roofs is we tend not to pay much attention to them unless there’s been a heavy storm. But if neglected a leaky roof will lead to a heap of headaches. Water ingress might not be spotted for years, and during that time trestles, and joists can be seriously damaged. This could result in an entire roof renovation. The cost of which will certainly be prohibitively expensive to most homeowners. Periodic roof checks are a surefire way of spotting a problem before it gets out of hand.


Exterior Painting – A lick of paint does more than just freshen things up. Making sure your home’s exterior has a new coat of paint every few years will prevent corrosion no matter what the material. Wooden cladding especially will benefit for an occasional paint job or varnishing, and cracks to brick and masonry should be filled with repair cements and painted over to stop further damage.


Overgrown Gardens – Make no mistake, a neglected garden can be more damaging to a property than just making it look unsightly. Tree roots, creepers, and heavy foliage can have negative effects of walls, fences and driveways. It’s best to have a regular pruning schedule for the more problematic areas of a garden. If don’t have green thumbs maybe consider calling in a qualified gardener or tree surgeon.


Interior Design – Once you’ve got the big issues out the way it’s time to make the interior look fabulous for the family. Maybe you have the style and panache to create your own themes, or maybe you just have a sketchy plan of what you’d like. If so there are many designers around who can assist in making your dreams come true.  Companies like Sisalla Interior Design are on hand to help homeowners with every aspect of the design process.