Don’t Let Rats Ruin Your Business 


At first glance, rats can seem quite innocuous, after all they are quite commonly kept as pets and they are only small; but the damage rats can cause to your business can be catastrophic.  The presence of rats is commonly seen as a sign of poor hygiene and waste handling standards, but this is not always the reason why rats have chosen to live somewhere.  This however, is largely irrelevant.  Once rats have been spotted at your business then that in itself can be enough to cause a snowball effect of bad rumours which can devastate your reputation.  But it doesn’t have to come to this if you take decisive action.


A rapidly expanding problem

Even if you have the highest standards of cleanliness, rats can still decide that your building is a good place to live because it’s warm and dry as well as other reasons.  As such, if you are sure you are doing nothing to encourage them further, you need to accept that they are here and deal with the problem.  It is quite a problem as well, because rats reproduce at an astonishing rate and if you have seen one then you can almost guarantee there are a lot more lurking nearby.  For this reason, the moment you have the slightest suggestion that there are rats living in your building you need to source commercial pest control services fast.  The quicker you get someone in to tackle the rats, the sooner your business can get back to normal.

Warning signs

There are a few telltale signs you should be on the lookout for if you suspect there are rats nearby.  Before you spot one you are far more likely to find their droppings or smell their urine as they will only tend to venture into the areas that you use at night when they are empty.  You might also spot greasy looking marks around the bottom of walls and furniture, especially in areas with food.  These are left by the rats rubbing against these surfaces as they move around and are a very good indicator that you need to call someone.  Usually, by the time you actually see a live rat, the nest has been firmly established and there are potentially a hundred or more living a few metres away.

Decisive action

Given the speed rats reproduce, every day that you delay allows the problem to worsen.  Now if you are dealing with a single rat, which is unlikely but not impossible, then there are commercially available products that should take care of them.  However, if you are dealing with a nest and a large quantity of rats, you need a professional for rodent control as the last thing you want is rats in your working space or worse greeting your customers.  It is far better to have a false callout where no rats are found rather than have your business overrun because you waited too long.  At the end of the day, whilst it is true rats can make good pets, they certainly make terrible business partners.