What Constitutes Great Event Entertainment?

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One of the most important aspects of an event is the entertainment. That said, what constitutes great entertainment? How do you go about planning and arranging entertainment which is going to suit everyone’s tastes? How do you make the most memorable event possible? Let’s take a look at some different factors and options in this article.

Here are some things to look out for as recommended by Funktionality. If you want to put on a show to remember, then you’re going to need to look for and consider the following factors…

 event party1 – Flexibility & inclusivity

Hiring entertainment which is suitable to all guests is an important factor. For example, having a laser show when some of your guests suffer from epilepsy isn’t a great idea. Nor is it fair to have a physically demanding form of entertainment if you have disabled guests that will not be able to take part. As such, some of the more successful forms of entertainment tend to be live musicians, DJ’s and stand-up comedians. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling uncomfortable.

2 – Authenticity

Everybody loves a good cover band, but it’s nice to hire real talent that can put their own unique twist on material. The most effective events are those with truly authentic and exciting entertainment that will blow people away.

3 – Affordability

It’s all very well having great entertainment if you can’t afford to do anything else. You mustn’t blow your budget on a single act. The best entertainment will be reasonably priced based on their abilities. That said, you shouldn’t skimp on entertainment. Ultimately, you get what you pay for so be prepared to compromise in other areas in order to be able to afford the best entertainment.


4 – Professionalism

You don’t want to invite entertainers who aren’t going to perform to the highest possible standard. For example, if you invite a stand-up comedian who gets too drunk to perform properly without ruining their timing or being overly insulting then it’s not going to go down well. You’ll need to follow up on as many references as you can before settling on an act. The last thing you need is to rush in with entertainment which might ultimately spoil the event all together.

5 – Variety

Why have just the one form of entertainment? If you’ve got a band playing for an hour or so and then nothing else going on, people are likely to get bored. So, incorporating entertainment with other functions might be a great shout. For example, you could have a cocktail bar with mixologists that are experienced in “flaring”. That way, your guests will be entertained, whilst grabbing themselves a delicious cocktail. There are many different forms of entertainment! Perhaps a few topless waiters for an all-woman event? Just try to have fun and appeal to the greater audience.


You’ve got to put on a show to remember. So, you’re going to need entertainment which helps you achieve exactly that! Just take your time and do some research. If you need help when you hire some event entertainment, then there are plenty of reputable events companies who will be able to advise you on the best acts around!