The Benefits of GPR Concrete Scanning in Construction

For anyone in the construction industry, you’ll be all too aware of how frustrating it is to dig through concrete, only to find that you’ve struck a metal bar, damaging your equipment, or worse; a pipe or cable. This is a common issue that takes place, where contractors don’t do their due diligence before going ahead and digging up a plot of land. This is why we’re going to identify the benefits of scanning concrete before going ahead and doing so.

What is GPR?

GPR, or ground penetrating radar is a geophysical method that relies on sonar to locate underground obstacles. This is particularly useful for looking at concrete, as it would be otherwise impossible to see what’s inside without having to dig through it first. Naturally, this is a terrible idea, as going in blind can cause all manner of issues if you’re not prepared.

GRP is commonly used to Australian Locating Services. They use this technology to thoroughly scan an area, providing clear and accurate information as to what you can expect to find when digging through concrete or other materials. So, for example, if you need to dig through a concrete foundation to build a stronger one in its place for a new project, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for any rebars that will likely be inside, holding the foundation together. This will allow you to clearly mark them out before proceeding, absent the fear of damaging and busting your expensive equipment.

GRP can detect subsurface obstacles such as:

  • Changes in material properties
  • Voids and cracks
  • Reinforcing support structures/reo bars.
  • Conduits
  • Beams
  • Post and pre-tension cables and ducts
  • Depth or coverage of slab
  • Live electrical lines

This information will be invaluable to everyone on your team. As such, it is always important to invest in an Australian Locating Company prior to commencing any excavation work. Often, there are power cables or sewer pipes located inside concrete foundations, and cutting through them will cause serious issues, both financially, and timewise. Imagine the cost of a clean-up, and how far it will set you back? If you plan to get the project off the ground as quickly as possible, then it’s almost certainly worth hiring the professionals to come and run these checks beforehand. That way you can continue unhindered by any unnecessary obstacles that could have otherwise been located.

Why You Should Always Hire the Professionals

You should ever guess work it or assume that there’s nothing inside a concrete area before digging through it. When you hire the professionals, they can come in and effectively scan and entire site without delay. This small investment of time and money will save you truckloads in the long run. It’s far easier than going ahead, cutting through some power cables by mistake and one of your contractors getting seriously injured, or worse. Nobody needs that kind of trouble and it is never worth the risk.