3 Good Reasons to Visit an Acupuncturist

acupunctureIf you have an ailment that you just can’t shake of, and you’ve been to your local GP without any satisfaction, why not give some ancient Eastern medicine a try: what have you got to lose?

We all put too much faith in the modern medical profession these days. Not that modern Western medicine isn’t a wonder of our times, it’s just that we assume our doctors have the answer for everything. Most of the time they do, or at least they’re on the right track, but occasionally our problems are just not deemed important enough to get the attention we so dearly want.

If you are frustrated with your search for an answer to your problem why not try one of China’s best know alternative medicines – acupuncture.

Here are a few of the problems which a good acupuncturist may be able to help you with:


Pain Reliefback pain

If you suffer from migraine or back pain sometimes the prospect of living with over the counter pain relieve medication is not attractive. Many people have unpleasant side effects if using these drugs on a long term basis. Acupuncture offers an alternative to the constant intake of substances which, although can give some relief, may have detrimental effects on our body over a long period. Research has shown that many people have experienced fantastic results with pain management by regularly visiting an acupuncturist.


Digestive Problems

digestive problems

IBS and other digestive conditions are an increasing problem in our modern world. Most issues can be alleviated by changes in diet but some are more difficult to deal with. Conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and colitis are debilitating afflictions which patients much live with for extended periods. Acupuncture, and other forms of Chinese herbal medicine, have been shown to give many sufferers an increased quality of life. Problems like diarrhea and bloating can be eased with a combination of herbs and regular acupuncture sessions.


Addiction Therapy

addiction therapy

One of the most successful ways acupuncture can be utilised in modern times is in the field of addiction therapy. There have been an number of studies which have shown highly encouraging evidence that many addictions including, alcohol, tobacco, and opiate drugs can be treated effectively by professional acupuncture practitioners. Many Western countries now use acupuncture programmes to aid in the recovery of alcoholics and habitual drug users.


Australia has many professional acupuncturists who offer help and guidance in these and many other problems faced by the public on a daily basis. With comprehensively trained employees, companies like Perth based Tao Acupuncture have highly trained practitioners who can give consultations on the appropriate course of action, and possibly offer other alternative options. Herbal remedies are another popular part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and quite often an acupuncture course will be accompanied with a treatment of specially selected teas and powdered herbs which enhance, or at times hasten, the delivery of a desired effect.