This is Why 2 Hat Catering Services are Perfect for Weddings

Wedding Catering

When it comes to choosing a wedding catering service for your wedding, it can be difficult deciding on who to roll with. You’ve already for a thousand things to worry about, and now you have to consider how your guests are going to be fed! What are you going to feed them? How will it be presented? How much is too much? Should there be late-night snacks? Is the menu diverse enough to appeal to everyone! AHHHH!

Yes, it can be stressful, particularly when it comes to understanding the “Chef’s hat rating”. Because it’s ranked from 1 to 5 hats, people can be thrown off and assume that if something is 1 or 2 hats, then it’s no good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, the very fact that a restaurant or catering service even has a chef’s hat rating is an achievement in itself.

wedding eventThe rating is more focused on the functionality and appropriateness of the service or establishment. However, in order to be considered and awarded such a rating, they will first need to meet an exceptional level of service.

This means that a 2-hat wedding catering service isn’t “below average” because it’s not ranked 5. Here is the official description: “Casual in style and setting, such establishments are typically family friendly and generally welcoming and sociable. They are fully licensed offering a range of table wines and beer. Spirits may also be available, or BYO may be allowed. With the exception of licensed bistros, these establishments should provide full table service. Table settings will not necessarily be covered.”

What that basically means is: 2 hat wedding catering services are perfect for weddings! They’re family friendly, they’re social and welcoming, they can offer all sorts of booze, and the food is absolutely on point!

The fact is, you don’t want to be going all out on the most lavish fine dining one could imagine, for your wedding. How many people do you need to feed?! How much money is it going to set you back if you go for the most ridiculously over the top catering service. No, instead you need something which is designed to feed everyone with excellent food, that they will thoroughly enjoy, without “trying too hard.” It won’t be pompous or over the top, it will be delicious and consistent.

Wedding CaterersYour wedding is an expensive enough affair as it is. So, roll with the professionals who can handle a large amount of food without compromising on quality. Something that is perfectly designed to cater to a large family and sociable event!

In any case, we wish you the very best of luck with your special day! Hopefully having read this you’ll worry less about the “rating” of your catering service, and more about the quality, experience and reliability of them instead. Take Dining Abode as an example: They’re an establish 2-hat wedding catering company that has a long history or smashing events, filling bellies and putting smiles on faces! Bon appetite!